A short example of my long form narration. It has two examples, one which is non-fiction and one of fiction.

Long-Form Narration

Commercial Reel

Six different commercials with different vibes and feels in under a minute. I can customize your commercial to maximize it's impact on your intended audience.

Character Reel

I can act, too! These are a few voices that are a part of my repertoire.

General Southern Accent

These are a few different Southern/Texan accents. I can do character, commercials, or anything else you want me to read in one of these accents. Be warned there is some explicit language in this demo.

Young Adult - Senior Male

A few different voices showing my age range from young adult to Senior Male. 

What To Expect

Quality Sound

I use a VO: 1-A Harlan Hogan Signature Series Microphone with a Focusrite Scarlette 2i2 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface and record in a sound-treated space.


I know how to take criticism and am quick to adapt.

Basic Audio Editing

I can edit audio using Izotope and Audacity DAW to get the sound quality perfect for your project.


I have acting experience and am open to on-screen roles as well as off-screen.

I currently have profiles on CastingCallClub, Librivox, ACX, Voices123, and Behind the VoiceActors.